Podiatry, the attention is directed towards walking and sporting injuries that  involve the foot, ankle, knee, hip and back. ‘These problems are then treated,  helping to alleviate the pain.

Podiatry Specialist services include: Ingrown Nail Surgery.

• Advice on footwear

• Stretching and strengthening advice

• Modification of footwear

• Possible prescription of orthotics and insoles

As the  foot is our first point of contact with the ground. It is the  main shock absorber for the body and is therefore important as it can affect  how the rest of the body moves.  For the average athlete running, up to 3-4 times your body weight is absorbed back  through your feet. keeping your feet in good working order is important not allowing your  feet  work correctly will have an impact on  the rest of your body  and as a result will have to compensate through various means to take the load. Overload of soft tissue and joints can be a  common causes of injury.