BONE  – Sometimes the vertebra can be out of position, not moving properly, or suffering from degeneration. This can lead to narrowing of the spaces between the bones through which the nerves pass; and can result in irritation or impingement of the nerve itself. At Salus we aim to keep the whole skeletal system aligned, not just in the spine  enabling

your body for function at its best.

NERVOUS  – If there is a disruption of the normal path of energy along the nerve fibers  this can result in  the messages traveling along the nerves to become distorted. This results in all of the tissues that are fed by those nerves to receive distorted signals from the brain and, as a result fail to   function normally. This can lead to a whole host of conditions, over time. 

MUSCULAR  –  Nerves control the muscles that help hold the vertebrae in place, muscles play an integral part. In fact, muscles can both affect,  and irritate a nerve. Intern the irritated nerve can cause the muscle to spasm. A spasmed muscle can pull the attached vertebrae further out of place, which then  irritates the nerve . 

SOFT TISSUE  –  Affecting the surrounding tendons, ligaments, blood supply, and other tissues as the misaligned vertebrae tug and squeeze the connective tissue with tremendous force.  The soft tissues over time can become stretched or scarred, this can leave the spine with   permanent instability or restriction.

CHEMICAL  –  Change in the chemistry of the body .  often, the chemical changes,  as the release of   “kinins”, are pro-inflammatory; meaning they increase inflammation to the affected area.

This can  get progressively worse over time if  not treated correctly, this can also lead to  pain and  inflammation, muscle trigger points,  loss of movement, muscle weakness and spasm. Chiropractors know the dangers of the vertebral complex and impacts that can result  on the tissue of the body. In order for your nervous system to function efficiently and without  interference Chiropractic care can help.  Indeed here at Salus we work as a team to care for the health of your body, and help you maintain your optimum fitness.